ncmarketing Oct/ 19/ 2015 | 0

Businesses just like yours are discovering that YouTube is a better way to advertise – and find customers you never knew existed.

Videos are as effective as TV in building awareness of your business. And they get results – like an average 20% increase in traffic to your website. Say you run a hotel in Dallas. You can shoot a video tour of your rooms and promote it as a TV-style ad before other YouTube travel videos. Or put it next to video search results for “Dallas hotels,” or on Texas travel websites where vacationers will see it as they browse on their tablets, PCs, web TVs and smartphones.

You don’t need fancy equipment or a big budget. And with AdWords for video, you pay nothing unless a viewer chooses to watch your video. If you’re ready to grow your business, we’re ready to help.

All AdWords for video ads belong to the TrueView family, which means you only pay when viewers choose to watch your ad. That’s different from most video ads, where you pay as soon as an impression is served.

Viewers see your TrueView video ads while they’re watching or searching for videos or browsing related web content or suggested videos on YouTube and the Google Display Network. So everyone wins: viewers choose ads that are relevant to them, and you reach people who are ready to hear what you’ve got to say. Plus, you’ll get an increased YouTube view count.