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Linkbuilding is a way to promote your site by obtaining a large number of external links to the site being promoted. Often linkbuilding is confused with the purchase of links, but this is a different process. During the linkbuilding specialist painstakingly builds a link profile of the site, seeking to place links to it on high-quality, recognized by search engines resources. The result of properly made linking is an increase in traffic, increasing the number of visits to the site and improving the reputation of the resource to which it refers.

From the mass purchase of links link building differs as well as buying washed potatoes piece by piece in the supermarket from the purchase of the same potatoes bags. No matter how attentive and careful the buyer is, there will still be a lot of poor quality and rotten root vegetables in the bags. The same can be said about backlinks for SEO. If you buy a reference mass, it will necessarily be unnatural links, links from spam resources or banned sites. At the same time, it cannot be said that link building does not recognize the purchase of links at all. This method within the framework of linking also has the right to exist, but every link you buy is carefully checked.

Who’s a linkbuilder

Construction of the link profile of the site is engaged linkbuilder. Linkbuilder is not just a person who will place links to your site on third-party resources. This is a specialist who knows very well what link will benefit and what – harm. The main purpose of his work – to get a link from a reliable Internet resource, one that will give and traffic, and orders. There are several main sources that use linkbuilders, but do not think that enough to go to them, leave the link there and wait for the results. Search engines are constantly changing and improving, so linkbuilding is in many ways a creative business and requires from the artist a good understanding of all the features of SEO and special knowledge.

Sources of links

In the World Wide Web a lot of sites, placing links to which contributes to the rapid promotion of the site. Consider the main ones.

  • Social networks – the most profitable option for today, placed on the pages of networks links recognize all search engines.
  • Blog, which has high-quality articles or viral content. As a rule, it is enough to ask visitors to share with friends liked the material, pre-placed on the page of the blog buttons social networks.
  • Interview a popular person who wants to brag about it on his page or in his blog. Fans’ visits and distribution of links to your site are guaranteed to you.
  • Thematic forums, where you can put the link first in the signature, and later – in the corresponding topic, which you can open yourself.
  • Through the news feed of your site in the presence of interesting news you can scatter a lot of useful and quality links.
  • Useful or funny videos or images are always popular, and therefore a great source of reference mass.
  • Your own channel on YouTube in the presence of interesting content will bring as many links as a blog or interview.
  • Accounts on popular job sites, bulletin boards, directories.
  • Training materials that can be downloaded for free, and each of them contains a link to your site.
  • Surveys and promotions.
  • Communicating with owners of reliable resources, with subsequent purchase or exchange of links.

As you can see, there are many sources, but only an experienced linkbuilder is able to use them creatively and with maximum effect. Moreover, it is crucial to regularly analyze and review both the strategy and sources of the linkbuilder. Only qualitative analysis for each link and resource will bring you the desired result.