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We’ve been designing websites and helping Raleigh. NC businesses market themselves on the web 15 years. Our Website Design process guarantees to get you on the first page of Google for all the most popular keyword searches!

NC Marketing Consulting can help with all aspects of designing, developing, and maintaining a website. Whether your starting from scratch or you’ve already had a website designed, we’re here to help you take it to the next level.

We’ll start by researching your products and services. We need to know everything that you have to offer to ensure that we connect to your target market properly. We want to get into the mind of your customer base and to understand what drives their decisions when searching for and selecting a company.

Our main focus is to connect you to your customers on the internet. What keywords do they type into Google when they’re searching for your products and services? We want to get you on the first page for as many of these keywords as possible.

We’ll narrow it down to a two or three word phrase that’ll be the focus of our entire website designing and marketing strategy. Your website domain name, title, and page content will all contain this phrase. Every aspect of our website design process will be centered around getting your website on the first page of Google when customers search for this keyword phrase.

This is what sets NC Marketing Consulting apart from the other Web Design Studios in Raleigh. Most Website Design Companies simply design a website with little or no concern with whether or not it ends up on the first page of Google. Whereas with our Website Designers, that’s their main focus.

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