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Souvenirs are various skins, items, stickers and other things that are given out while watching the matches of this or that championship with GOTV and other official means, which are specified by the conditions of the drawing. Those cases that you get during such a draw, you do not need to have any key and you can open it absolutely free. The skins you win in this way will be no different from the ones you can buy for money and sometimes they will cost a bit more. If you want to find the best case to open in csgo, the easiest way is to use specialized sites. That way you can buy the best quality items. If you find a reliable site, you can get access to great skins and cases.

Some facts about souvenirs

  • You can only get souvenirs if you watch the official games and only live. Or the other way, you can buy them on the trading floor;
  • The souvenir bins won’t ask you for a key and you can open the bin whenever you want and it’s absolutely free;
  • Skins that you get from a souvenir bin will not differ from other skins, except for the sticker from the championship in which these souvenirs were won, which may give a bit of a price to the skin;
  • There are 2 types of quality of souvenirs. Also the quality of the applied holograms was added;
  • If you want to buy a souvenir with a particular quality, you just have to choose Souvenir in the search criteria and then (for example) Foil. It is the best way to find everything you need in CS:GO.

Metal stickers have brighter colors that are more clearly visible. All in all, there are a huge number of different stickers and stickers, which were issued along with the skins during various events and activities.

Stickers in cs:go

Valve made the decision and introduced stickers to the game back in early June 2014. Here are some facts about stickers:

  1. Stickers are some items that you can stick on the surface of a particular skin;
  2. A sticker can be obtained from a sticker capsule;
  3. To open a sticker capsule you will need a key. Such a key will cost in the neighborhood of $1;
  4. The stickers also have different qualities;
  5. You can put stickers on all types of weapons and sometimes even a few at a time.

More detailed notes:

  • If you decide to remove a sticker from a weapon, you should know that after this action, it will not fall into your inventory, but will simply disappear;
  • A maximum of 4 stickers can be applied to a weapon;
  • The sticker can be put on weapons that do not have a skin, i.e. a clean object;
  • When you sell a weapon with a sticker on its surface, the sticker will not come back to you in your inventory, but goes with the skin. This means you have a real reason to raise the price of your skin, at the cost of the sticker on it;
  • Both capsules and stickers can be sold on different marketplaces.

Contraband quality in cs:go

As of June 11, 2014, the M4A4|Howl rifle skin and the Howling Dawn sticker have been marked as contraband goods. The developers decided to change the original graphics of these skins. This is due to the fact that the company Valve simply stole this graphic work from a user with the nickname Devian Art. Naturally Devian Art sued the company and won. As expected, the company was forced to redo the skin, but of those that were placed on sale, simply removed. They were also removed from all the cases.

Those skins that were sold became rare “Contraband”. So those guys who were able to buy these skins either became the owners of mega rare items, or simply made a good deal on them. You can find csgo skin upgrade on specialized sites. This will help you solve some problems and get a great result. You will find a lot of skins and cases there, so it makes sense to use these resources.