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The time has passed when it was possible with impunity to subscribe around the clock, like and fall asleep with spam comments all without restrictions. Instagram limits in 2019 are much tougher and in order not to see the terrible “You are temporarily blocked on Instagram”, you need to take into account the limits of subscriptions and subscribers, likes and comments, know about the restrictions on content. So you do not get banned on Instagram (the page will not be blocked).

Limits apply primarily to those who use third-party services and programs for the promotion of instagram (mass-trapping, tasks for cheating). As a rule, the service itself will tell you the allowable limits and restrictions on Instagram, but you still need to know them. Ban on Instagram can be obtained precisely for exceeding the limits on subscriptions per day, likes per day and comments.

If you use paid services to promote your account, then you should consider all the restrictions. This does not mean that such services should be ignored because of the effort to get banned from Instagram. In any case, they can be very useful when used properly. For example, the Poprey service is quite popular and can bring many benefits. But it is very important to understand exactly how to use such services so as not to get an account lockout. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

Limits Instagram 2019

Instagram limits for completely new accounts (younger than 6 months) are much lower than for older ones. To newbies Instagram looks narrowly more attentively and more strictly follows their activity. Therefore, if you have just registered an account, then do not rush to immediately subscribe to everyone, and do not start massfolving. Great risk to get banned on Instagram.

Limits for accounts from 6 months.

Subscriptions (+unsubscriptions) – 60 per hour, 1440 per day

Likes – 60 per hour, 1440 per day

Comments – 60 per hour, 1440 per day

Mentions – (@ accountname) 5 in each comment

Limits for new accounts

Subscriptions (+ unsubscriptions) – 30 per hour, 720 per day

Likes – 30 per hour, 720 per day

Comments – 30 per hour, 720 per day

Mentions – (@nameaccount), 5 in each comment

  • -Subscriptions and unsubscribe Instagram together takes into account, i.e. For example, if you subscribe to 60 people per hour, you can unsubscribe only at the next hour. The maximum limit of subscriptions to Instagram is 7,500. If you want to continue to subscribe, you must first unsubscribe from some to make it less than 7,500.
  • -All comments must be different. It is impossible under all posts to write the same “Great photo!” Or put the same emoticon everywhere. Same comments = Spam = Ban on Instagram.

Limits on Instagram can change, there are actual ones in the section for developers on the Instagram website. Officially, Instagram publishes restrictions on subscriptions / likes / comments per hour. Multiply by 12 and get the limits per day. But at the same time, the entire daily limit cannot be used immediately; you must first observe the restrictions on actions per hour.

New rules for Instagram 2019

In December 2018 Facebook (and Instagram with it, because the owner is common) introduces new rules for “adult” content. For this reason, many bloggers flew to the ban – the authors of educational / psychological articles on the topic of relationships, and bloggers with too frank photos. Now you can not only write about your preferences (or discuss other people’s), but also use phrases like “I want to have fun tonight.”

In April 2019 Instagram insists on tightening the screws. Distributed content:

  • -quick money promises (false)
  • -any erotica and even hints of it (a certain posture or gesture with subtext)
  • -calls for likes and promises of remuneration for this, requests to share a record (as this is often false information) and other similar attempts to stimulate activity

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