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Nc Marketing Consulting – ready to use solution in any of the aspects of the creation, consulting developing or marketing out your business. No matter starting from the scratch, or establish your company on public, we are ready to drop you in to the next level

To begin with is always about researching. Understanding the goal is the key to successful marketing and creating the best value offer, with targeting in the most effective direction.  We want to get into the mind of your customer base and to understand what drives their decisions when searching for and selecting a company.

Focus is gathered on an internet users and shoppers online. Inserting just the proper key phases, foreseeing the one customer could type in, is only the part of the success. We want to get you on the first page for as many of these keywords as possible. Narrowing the pull up to a 2-3 word combinations another useful solution to get the auditory you need. Your website domain name, title, and page content will all contain this phrase. All other aspects like design and usability will be created just for you to be on the first line of Google.

We are more than a Website Design Studio. We are an Internet Marketing Firm that also designs websites. Our main focus is marketing your business and to connect you with your target market through the power of the internet, using proxy That’s what we do best.

But designing and optimizing your site is not the only thing Nc Marketing Consulting could offer. Here is some more of our offerings:

Search Engine Optimization

We’ll analyze your web presence and develop a Search Engine Optimization strategy to improve your search engine visibility on the web. Then we’ll set up to track how many people visit your website and how long they stay. We select the most opportune software for your region

Google Maps and Google+ Optimization

Google Maps is many people’s primary tool for finding local North Carolina businesses – especially if they need to visit a physical location to purchase products or services; such as a Restaurant, Retail Store, or many Personal Care Services.

With Google Plus, customers can leave Reviews and rate your company with 1 to 5 stars. The company with the most positive Google Reviews, will generally show up at the top of the Google Maps Search Results List.

Google Adwords Advertising

With Google Adwords, you need to research and determine the most popular Keyword Combinations and create an Advertising Campaign for each combination individually.

With Google Adwords Express, you create an Advertising Campaign for your product or service and Google automatically chooses the best Keyword Combinations for you. Essentially giving you less control over your Advertising Campaign.

Marketing Consulting

NC Marketing Consulting can help with all aspects of creating, developing, and marketing a business. Whether your starting from an idea or you’re already an established business, we’re here to help you take it to the next level.

Youtube video Optimization

Videos are as effective as TV in building awareness of your business. And they get results – like an average 20% increase in traffic to your website. Say you run a hotel in Dallas. You can shoot a video tour of your rooms and promote it as a TV-style ad before other YouTube travel videos. Or put it next to video search results for “Dallas hotels,” or on Texas travel websites where vacationers will see it as they browse on their tablets, PCs, web TVs and smartphones. View more

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