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First of all, it is necessary to clearly understand that the marketing of a law firm is the creation of consumers for the law firm, well, or in your words – increase in sales of legal services. This is the main role of marketing. Increase in sales is not directly, but through the identification and satisfaction of needs and requirements, or their creation, if all the needs and requirements are met.

The essence of a law firm marketing

Marketing is a set of methods, tools, technologies and views to implement it. Apparently, this is the essence of marketing that you should rely on. It is possible that the activities you have carried out did not produce the result your manager wants to see and this has caused dissatisfaction. Generally speaking, marketing activities should lead to the desire of customers to buy legal services, but they may have a very different reaction. 

In other words, you have of course satisfied their need, their need, but this is not a need for legal services, but just an aesthetic need. The fact that you have made a beautiful polygraphy or website is of course a plus, but it does not mean that looking at this beauty, clients will start buying legal services. Marketing is just like advertising a law firm – it is primarily the activation of an idea that causes the need for legal services, not the activation of an aesthetic idea.

If You value this work, then You need to apply the marketing of the law firm, which leads to the creation of needs or satisfaction of created needs. To implement this marketing, take a list of clients and talk to them. Create a questionnaire, interview them, and then develop an effective marketing plan and implement it. Here you can also read more about seo for legal firms Some modern websites that seem beautiful may not meet SEO standards.

Marketing plan

First of all, you need to identify the problems that they already have and then offer a product that solves those problems. It was necessary to initially focus on this, not on the printing and website. The efficiency of personal contact once in 100 times higher than the efficiency of contact through the polygraph or website. An approximate plan of action looks like this:

  • creating a customer base with contacts;
  • developing a survey questionnaire;
  • interviewing clients about their legal problems;
  • analysis of the data obtained;
  • development of products that will solve clients’ legal problems;
  • offering these products to clients.

It should be understood that the marketing of a law firm is a very close work with consumers, not printing, website and so on. The main work is collecting feedback from consumers, on the basis of which we develop and offer something that solves their problems. People will pay money to solve their problems, but they will not pay money to see a beautiful printing or a beautiful website.

You can collect feedback and get at least a minimal increase in sales in a month. Maybe the opposite situation, you will collect feedback and it turns out that your company does not offer what customers need, so sales are so low. So the work on the collection of feedback is guaranteed, will give you some trumps to communicate with the management in a month and it is worth it to work out, first of all.

A very important role at the moment has online marketing. For example, you can study ppc marketing for law firms in more detail. This will help you better set up your advertising and target interested customers immediately.