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One of the most crucial steps in the creation of any site is its placement on the hosting. This service allows you to rent a certain amount of space on a virtual server in order to post your resource there, any texts, pictures, video files that you would like to share with potential visitors.

Hosting services are provided today by many companies that independently set prices, think over tariff plans, various promotions and loyalty programs. Among them, unfortunately, one can meet unscrupulous providers who cannot provide the proper quality of services and around-the-clock availability of the website. That is why the choice of company should be approached as responsibly as possible. For example, cloud technology provides for the rental of only space for data storage and processing, but not software. The person paying the server rental should take care of installing the operating system and other necessary programs. If you need hosting for your project, but you are still not sure which one will be the best option, we recommend you to visit the website Here you can find many different options, each of which can be an ideal option for a particular business.

Criteria for choosing a hosting: price is far from the main indicator of quality

When choosing a provider, many beginners immediately pay attention to the cost of services, which is fundamentally wrong. In a history of the development of internet, you can find a lot of examples when cheap hosting (link is external) ensured the stable operation of resources, timely eliminated any problems that arise. Expensive, and very popular companies, sometimes simply disappeared, leaving behind a long tail of dissatisfied customers.

That is why we will not look at prices, but pay attention to the following criteria:

  • duration of work in the hosting services market. If the company for 5-6 years of its activity did not manage to scare away absolutely all customers, then its services are really high-quality, therefore it is advisable to turn to it;
  • user reviews. It is enough to spend a few minutes searching, and you will immediately find several large sites that are engaged in reviews of providers, as well as collect feedback from customers. On such resources you can quickly find out who is who, choose a hosting with high quality services provided at normal prices;
  • support work. Technical support should be responsive to all user requests. If you are not answered within a few hours during business hours, it is somehow risky to deal with such a company.

In addition, important details when choosing a provider are a large selection of tariff plans that focus on any financial opportunities, the convenience of managing the website, domains, databases, and other little things that make up the normal stable operation of any Internet resource.

Some advantages of using the VPS service

  1. There is no need to plan the costs of maintenance and repair of equipment that ensures the functioning of your site.
  2. You save yourself from significant expenses and reduce initial capital, since the purchase of server hardware is not required, a significant percentage of the expenses aimed at increasing capacity also disappear.
  3. The additional costs of electricity consumed by the equipment will disappear.
  4. No need to allocate a significant area for the server, think about the system of ventilation and cooling.
  5. Your data will not disappear anywhere, you can not be afraid of theft or seizure of hard drives, because they are at a considerable distance from the place where the main activities of the company.