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PrestaShop – CMS, a system created for managing a site, its components, content located on it. And, like all other similar “environments”, this one also has a set of tools designed for website promotion on the Internet. Optimization of prestashop, if you follow the recommendations below, will pass quickly and painlessly. There are a whole range of external factors that affect the overall optimization of the site.

They are the same for most of the resources being promoted, because they include such fundamental things as:

  • 1. Content, uniqueness;
  • 2. The overall appearance of the site, the impact of the template;
  • 3. The structure of the resource, its clarity for the average visitor;

Content is an important thing when optimizing PrestaShop and sites that use this CMS. Yes, in general, for any resource, regardless of the control system. Content is what is first checked, indexed by search robots. So the material taken from another site can put a fat cross on future promotion. Content should be as unique as possible, include keywords, contain a minimum amount of water. After all, even non-unique photography can greatly harm the promotion of the site.

The template also affects the optimization of the site, regardless of the CMS.

If the resource pages load longer than a few seconds, then the search engine robot will simply skip this site, which will hit the height of the positions strongly. It is also worth remembering that the modern user has extremely limited patience. If the page of the site will load for a long time, then the potential client will simply stop waiting and will go to look for something that works a little faster. Special attention should be paid exactly to the template, since it really plays an important role. Prestashop themes should be chosen based on your needs, but also pay attention to how this or that template will be adapted for SEO promotion.

The next thing you need to pay attention to is the structure of the site. It should be as clear as possible. A potential client should immediately understand where to go to find the right service, product or information. The longer he will wander around the incomprehensible menu, fight the cumbersome interface, the less chance that a person will acquire anything at all.

Features of website promotion with Prestashop

Being engaged in optimization of the prestashop SEO-specialist should pay attention to the mechanical features of this CMS. To take into account, under which it is more “sharpened”, what functions it possesses, sites of which orientation are easier to optimize using this system.

The first, the brightest, feature of prestashop is variation.

Besides the fact that this CMS is very easy to adapt to mobile phones, it still supports hundreds, if not thousands, of various templates. They help to quickly customize the look and structure of the site. What immediately catches the eye is the internal panel of the system. It will help in optimizing Prestashop SEO-specialist. Through the internal panel, you can configure exclusions from indexing in the robots.txt file, register, embed tags for any page of the resource. It also helps to deal with the sliders and their optimal location. Any design element is able to effectively increase both the depth of views and the overall conversion of the resource.

Another module that helps to optimize an online store is the advanced search.

It can be installed in the CMS itself, which will allow a potential client to more accurately formulate a request and, as a result, to get a more accurate answer. Many online stores use simple forms of the search line, which is often reflected in the results.

Another useful module is embedded maps. You can connect to the site services Google, where the location of the enterprise itself will be shown. Also there you must specify the working days and schedule. Moreover, all these plug-ins are very easy to integrate into PrestaShop and look as if they were always there.