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Dedicated server is one of the most stable types of hosting. Unlike shared (virtual) hosting, where a lot of websites can be hosted on a single server, or VPS, where the server is actually divided into several independent parts, the dedicated server service means renting a separate physical server. That is why this service is so fast and stable. There are a lot of dedicated server providers now, but you can make your choice carefully. Each provider provides tariff plans with an indication of the cost for a certain period of time. Dedicated servers FastComet is one of the best choices you can make when you are looking for an environment where you utilize all server resources for the growth of your website.

There are a few tips what you should notice before choosing a dedicated server.

1. For what purpose do you need a dedicated server?

Basically, the choice of a dedicated server is necessary to host large, resource-intensive projects that can no longer be hosted on a virtual hosting or VPS or to host a large number of small websites. When there are a lot of websites, a dedicated server becomes more profitable than regular hosting, you can use free hosting, but the quality is appropriate there. Also, quite often, the server is taken for projects that cannot be hosted on a hosting or VPS for other reasons. For example, the website of a bank or other large organization may not require a large number of resources, but for legislation, internal policy or for security reasons they need a server.

2. Cost of a dedicated server.

There is no unequivocal answer to the question of how much it costs to rent a server since this depends primarily on its configuration (processor, amount of RAM and disk space). There are hosting providers that do offer money back test periods. For example FastComet offers 7 days money back guarantee with dedicated and vps servers. Sometimes there are promotional offers, a free month for a promotional code or discounts when paying for a long period.

So you will have to get a dedicated server because:

  • The software you are using has high server resource demands;
  • You need HIPPA/ PCI compliance PEC emails;
  • You want specific OS settings and you need root access to set them.

3. Advantages and disadvantages

The main disadvantages of this service are the high cost (as mentioned above). Periodically, problems will arise but you will be able to solve them without knowledge in administration cause some really good companies focus on providing Managed Dedicated server plans only and thus they provide free support along with them. No server administration is needed by the customer. So by renting a dedicated server, you get complete freedom of action and in fact, do not depend on anyone. Full root access will allow you to independently configure the server configuration to fit your needs and install all the necessary software. This is often necessary when the project grows, it becomes difficult and it has its own specific requirements. Also, you get a lot more system resources than is possible when using other services, not to mention free services.

4. Choosing a server.

When choosing a server, the main thing is to clearly understand the configuration you need. This issue is very serious. If you take a powerful server at once, then there is a chance that you will overpay for actually unused resources. If you take a “weak” server, then there is a chance that you will either have to upgrade (change the configuration to increase capacity) or move to a more powerful server. Both in the first and in the second case, it will not be possible to do everything quickly and painlessly. It is better to take the server from a reliable and large service provider, not necessarily in your country. For example, in Germany, there are large data centers where you can buy a server at a good price.