Providing Internet Marketing Consulting, Google Adwords Advertising, and Website Design Services to North Carolina: Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Fayetteville, Greenville & Wilmington, North Carolina.

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Google Adwords Advertising Management

“NC Marketing Consulting has been helping North Carolina businesses market themselves on the web for over 15 years. Our Advertising & Marketing Consultants guarantee to get you on the First Page of Google for all the most popular keyword searches!”

Google Adwords is a Pay-Per-Click Online Advertising Service that offers Ad Space on the Google Search Results page for different Keyword Combinations in different geographic areas – States, Counties, Cities, Zip Codes, etc.

For example, NC Marketing Consulting specializes in Google Adwords Advertising & Marketing Consulting, targeting all of North Carolina; specifically Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh, Fayetteville, Greenville, and Wilmington, NC. We want to be on the first page when people search for “Internet Marketing Consultants” in all of these cities. So we would create an Advertising Campaign for these Keyword-Location Combinations – ie) “Charlotte Internet Marketing Consultants“, “Raleigh Internet Marketing Consultants“, “Greensboro Internet Marketing Consultants“, “Fayetteville Internet Marketing Consultants“, “Greenville Internet Marketing Consultants“, and “Wilmington Internet Marketing Consultants.”

There are two Google Adwords Online Advertising options: Google Adwords and Google Adwords Express.

With Google Adwords, you need to research and determine the most popular Keyword Combinations and create an Advertising Campaign for each combination individually.

With Google Adwords Express, you create an Advertising Campaign for your product or service and Google automatically chooses the best Keyword Combinations for you. Essentially giving you less control over your Advertising Campaign.

There is one more major difference between the two options. With Google Adwords, you BID a maximum dollar amount you’re willing to pay for each click and then you set a Daily Budget Limit. The more you BID, the higher you’ll show up on the Google Search Results page. You can be either be 1 of 3 advertisements at the very top. Or you can be anywhere along the right side of the page. Then once you reach your Daily Budget Limit, your Advertisement falls off the page for the day.

With Google Adwords Express, you only need to set a Daily or Monthly Budget Limit. Then Google changes your Cost-Per-Click (CPC) amount to maximum your Ad Placement and the amount of time your Advertisement is visible each day.

Either way you’re paying per click. Hence the name, “Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising.”

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