ncmarketing Oct/ 4/ 2015 | 0

Craigslist is a great way to drive traffic to your website and start getting phone calls immediately. It can sometimes be easier to find companies on Craigslist than on Google – especially Skilled Trade Services like Roofers, Electricians, Plumbers, Movers, etc…

As Website Designers, Craigslist can also be an extremely effective Search Engine Optimization tool. First we use some Screen Shots of your website to make you some nice Advertisement Images. Then we Photoshop your website address (URL) in big letters across the bottom so people will visit your website. Remember the more visitors you get each day, the higher you’ll show up on the Google Search Results Page.

The next step is to include a Keyword Section in the body of your Advertisement. If someone searches for a specific Keyword Phrase and that phrase is not in your Ad, then you won’t show up in their search. That is why it is so important to list ALL the relevant Keyword Phrases in the body of your Advertisement.

It is also important to list the most popular Keyword Phrase in the Title of your Advertisement. Keywords in Titles are weighted higher than Keywords in the body. If you have a Keyword Phrase in your Title then you’ll be higher up on the list when someone searches for that Keyword Phrase – even if your Advertisement is a few days old.

You can also include symbols in your Title to make your Advertisement stand out from your competitors. Another way to make your Title stand out is to include a few underscores between each letter.

Here are a few symbols that I use. All you have to do is copy and paste them into the Title of your Craigslist Ad.❶ ➩ ☀ ☛ ☚ ❤ ☎ ✿ Follow this LINK for more symbols. ✽ ➽ ➪ ➨ ◄ ► ★ ۞ ➜ ❝ ❞